Wildlife Beauty vs. Business Beast?

  This could be the plot for a new movie of Walt-Disney-Productions: A young, beautiful and idealistic conservation activist fights the plan of a smart entrepreneur who tries very skillfully to convince the local authorities and costal [...]

Rhino Poachers In Europe

The alleged panic-fueled fear of chinese men concerning the size of their manhood and the superstition that finely ground rhino horn would buckle their pants a bit more, so far only resulted in the stricken Africa to this disgusting form of [...]

Charming Super-Egos Without Moral

There are a few professional groups that fit on these attributes. Lawyers for example are accused of a disproportional inflated ego with questionable morality. Or – since 2008 on top of the charts – the bankers, especially of the investment [...]

Bernhard Grzimek – A Life For Animals

He already predicted more than 50 years ago the worldwide raising problems between the increasing human population and the therefore shrinking living space for nature and wildlife all over the world and especially in East Africa. Bernhard Grzimek [...]

No Nairobi Grenade Attack In German Media

In the evening of last Saturday, March 10, 2012, a heavy blast were committed at a crowded bus station in Nairobi, Kenya. The explosives were thrown out of a car into the crowd waiting for their busses. There were six killed and at least 30 [...]

Shark Fin Trade In Kenya

Not only in Asia, also in Mombasa / Kenya one can find shark fins at the fish market. While the price per Kg in Hong Kong  is about $600, they are in Mombasa already available for $200 to $250. It depends on size and quality. The sharks are [...]

China launches CCTV in Nairobi

China Central Television – CCTV, the major tv-station in China is not just an ordinary tv-station. As a part of the “department of radio, tv and film” it’s an government body which takes control of China’s media. [...]