Tropical African Dream Village Hotel

The Tropical African Dream Village is one of the biggest and more luxury hotels in Malindi. it is located about 4 kilometers southbound from Malindi Downtown at the Silver Sands Beach.

The widespread facility offers 2 swimming pools, several bars and facilities for sporting activities.

The management is trying to keep their guests away from the african life in downtown Malindi by providing souvenirs and jewels etc. on the facility ground. Of course no one is forced to spent his money exclusively on the hotel area.


Tropical African Dream Village Hotel
Casuarina Road
P.O. BOX 68
Telefon: +254-42-31175 / 31728 / 31673 / 31892 / 31857 / 20444
Fax: +254-42-31872 / 31076
E-Mail: tropical@swiftmalindi.com


Photos: © Tropical African Dream Village Hotel

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